Contour  Surveys

Detail surveys are a basic pre-requisite for building and land development. Whether you are planning a small extension or a complete newbuild we can provide a comprehensive survey of your existing block.

A Detail/Contour survey features existing physical features located on your site such as services (easements/power lines/light poles), trees, boundaries and adjoining structures . A Detail survey is a vital component of a successful development application for any development of your land. Upon completion of your survey you will be provided with a Identification Certificate to lodge your Development Application.

Setout  Surveys

A Setout survey is a critical procedure used to place your proposed build to the exact position on the block of land. It enables engineers and builders to construct precisely to what has been designed.  Our surveyors place survey marks to instruct your builder as to the location of the new structure.

We can provide Setout surveys for both land and civil projects including residential and commercial builds as well as large land development projects.

Civil  Works  Setouts

Civil works surveying involves the positioning of element required to complete  a civil engineering construction project. This includes  the positioning of roadworks, sewer, stormwater, bridges etc. The information placed on the ground is used by the construction team of earthmoving equipment, plumbers, carpenters, formworkers, foreman and engineers to construct  infrastructure.

We have significant experience in civil development projects and have been involved in both small and large scale subdivisions within both the ACT surrounding NSW.

House Construction
Subdivision  Plans

Subdivision involves dividing a property into smaller lots that can be sold separately. Subdivision can be straight division plan of an existing lot, or may be indicated in a strata/unit title plan. These plans are registered with the governing authorities to produce new titles for the individual lots.

Our registered surveyor has extensive experience in certified subdivisions and will work through the process with you to ensure that your project is a success.



Scott D McNiven & Associates was established in 1991. Our team of qualified surveyors have a vast knowledge and experience that enables us to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction for all our jobs from both residential surveys to larger civil engineering developments.


The company offers services to clients who require survey services. This includes householders, architects, project builders, developers and civil contractors.


The company works with the latest technology which includes, robotic theodolites, RTK GPS receivers, RTK drone and the latest software to provide the complete finished product.

Scott D McNiven & Associates is fully insured with current insurance certificates for  Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Workers Compensation as well as a Secure Local Jobs Code.



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